Rachel Palmer – Antecedent

Antecedent — ‘a thing that existed before or logically precedes another’. Having rediscovered her inner musical voice, Rachel Palmer composes expansive soundscapes with intimate and melancholic undertones. Her organically structured rhythms are met by billowing synths that invoke the feeling of breathing in a slow-motion dream-state. Textural layers of granular voices blended with gentle melodies and deep bass lines are the culmination of her innermost inspirations. Previously having shifted her creative outlet to work almost exclusively on visual art, stopping nearly all music composition, the return of her musical inspiration was influenced by meeting the love of her life, relocating across the Atlantic Ocean, experiencing new culture, and ‘finding home’.

About Rachel Palmer

American artist Rachel Palmer has been working as a music producer since the late 90’s and as an audiovisual composer since 2013. Her background in classical piano, guitar, and electronic music production; ranging from soundtrack to ambient; harbors the foundation of her stirring visual art.

As a musician, she understands how to implement live visuals not only technically, but emotionally into musical performances throughout genres. To push the limit of her audiovisual experiences, Rachel predominantly projects her gritty visuals onto translucent screen, invoking a holographic effect that transforms venues and stages into living, audio-reactive organisms.

While she is most recognized for her visual performances at electronic music events throughout the United States and Europe, Rachel also composes ambient electronic music. Having relocated to Cologne, Germany in late 2018, Rachel’s ambitions are now geared around combining her two passions, music production and visuals, into a fully immersive audiovisual experience of her own work.

Key Facts
  • Name: Antecedent

  • Artist: Rachel Palmer
  • Label: Modularfield – MDFLP06
  • Release Date: 27.11.2020
  • Format: 12“ – 180g – Transparent Vinyl & Digital
  • Distribution: Rough Trade Distribution
  • EAN: 4018939402440
  • Bandcamp Link: ❯❯ https://rachelpalmer.bandcamp.com/album/antecedent
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