Nathan Moody – Lazulum

Lazulum: An epic, long-form work by composer, musician, and sound designer Nathan Moody. Recorded during a time of intense personal and professional change, this recording reflects both fear and excitement using a very limited set of timbral, compositional, and performance options, using a small modular electronic instrument: The Blue Box. Lazulum provides a sense of vast expanses open through simple ostinati and sound shaping over time. The music conveys both great mass and ethereal vapor by intertwining consonance and dissonance, drone and rhythm, unease and peace.

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Format & Release Date
  • – 1. May 2020
  • – Special Edition Release
  • – Digital
  • – Performed, recorded, and mixed by Nathan Moody
  • – Mastered by Nathan Moody at Obsidian Sound
  • – Artwork by Harlow Skalwold
  • – Art Direction by Markus Scholz