Lyhre – sad cyborg

An evolving definition by Lyhre regarding the identity problem of being human. Structured around the hybrid Post-Gender-Figure of a sad cyborg. Based on a social constructivist view in which lines of difference, i.e. social, societal or psychological manifestations are produced performatively through action and are not essentialistically present. A musical manifest to smash patriarchal structures and asymmetrical power relations. To raise awareness that we are seeking freedom in the ever-decreasing categorization, but it only takes place where we draw it around us to step out of it.

Key Facts
  • Artist: Lyhre
  • Name: sad cyborg

  • Label: Modularfield – MDFEP02
  • Release Date: 18.12.2020
  • Format: Digital
  • Distribution: Rough Trade Distribution
  • Bandcamp Link: ❯❯
Single Release Dates:
  • – sad cyborg : 20.11.2020
  • – gently brutal : 04.12.2020
About the Artist:

Lyhre is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter with alien blood relocated to Berlin. Her sound refuses categorization and oscillates freely somewhere between indie, alternative pop and dark electronica. She composes and performs in productions for short films, theatre and realises her own projects in a transdisciplinary exchange. Lyhre is somewhere in between, just like her sound.

Artist Links

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