Lucid Grain

Lucid Grain is more than a collaboration: it’s a fusion between the soundscapes of Martha Plachetka and Anatol Locker. Combining modular grains with analog soundwaves, they are creating abstract, but highly enjoyable pieces.

Hailing from Munich, Panic Girl alias Martha Plachetka dedicated her life to music from an early age. After receiving classical training in piano, guitar, and singing, she got deep into music production. Being dead serious about her art, she not only writes her own lyrics and music, but as well produces all recordings on her own.

Also, Munich-based Anatol Locker combines his love for music and technology by diving deep into electronic music. Working for a decade as a music journalist, he switched to making music in the early 2000’s. Since then, he has been playing live improvised electronica gigs with Ambiosonics and Spheric Lounge; became part of the Indietronic band MOC; and contributed over 100 tracks to the Disquiet Junto project.


– Martha Plachetka
– Anatol Locker


Martha at Soundcloud
Anatol at Soundcloud