Cologne based Marco Petracca, aka HHNOI discovered his love for electronic music production at the age of 15. This early love for electronic instruments lead to a musical vita, that couldn’t be more diverse. 25 years later, Petracca has tried nearly everything you can musically. From making soundtracks for erotic hotlines, short thriller films and tv adverts, to electro punk on big stages and in small clubs with his first band Les Mercredis. Not forgetting gloomy-adult pop as duo HEARHERE, who cleverly continue what bands like Massive Attack or Portishead abandoned in the mid-2000s. HHNOI is his modular synth based alter ego, swinging between unpredictable dark ambience and emotionally gripping electronica – proving that you can squeeze way more than just repetitive car alarm sounds out of a modular synthesizer.




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