HHNOI – Dear Future

„Dear future“ is a conceptual invitation to put ideas of what the future is into perspective. To embrace the unexpected. To celebrate and experience the moments not as they come, but as they are. Written over 18 months that were marked by both unforeseen bitter loss and finding the most meaningful love, HHNOI’s second full length album deals with intentionally corrupting the human need to imagine, forecast and map what might, could or should happen next. „Dear future“ is like traveling through time with a broken watch: There is no predictable next step, no steady second breath after the first, every moment is now, on purpose – because now can only be appreciated if you stop thinking about what’s next.


HHNOI is Cologne based composer and producer Marco Petracca. Making music since the late 1990s in different projects and bands, Petracca is nowadays best known for using modular synthesizers in ways that push the compositional limitations of this technology – not only on record, but also on stage. On his latest releases he is drawing heavily from cutting out structures and styles found in ambient, post-step and hip hop; rearranging them into free form music that mixes captivating compositions with the unsettling abrasiveness of nontraditional analog and digital sound design.

Key Facts
  • Name: Dear Future

  • Artist: HHNOI
  • Label: Modularfield – MDFLP07
  • Release Date: 12.02.2021
  • Format: 12“ – 180g – Vinyl & Digital
  • Distribution: Rough Trade Distribution
  • EAN: 4018939402457
  • Bandcamp Link: ❯❯ https://hhnoi.bandcamp.com/album/dear-future
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