Hélène Vogelsinger – Reminiscence

The spiritual and inner journey by sonic explorer, composer and sound designer Hélène Vogelsinger continues. A reflection of her inner musical aura descends into her surrounding world. Closing the gap between past, now and future. Created for a unique space hailing out the essence into a universal dimension. Shattering barriers between energetic fields and defined obstacles by enhancing the mind soul and body with waves of pure freedom.

About Hélène

Hélène Vogelsinger is a french singer, composer and sound designer. In her modular synth project, she explores different places, considering herself as a sonic explorer, and connects with their energies to create unique and suspended moments. Her pieces are a combination of evolutive patterns, ambient textures, voices, orchestral instruments and recording fiels. Her creative universe is poetic, spiritual and soul searching.

About the special edition

Limited edition of full body, UV-printed audio cassettes & enclosures. Includes a 28-page full color A5 booklet containing production history and additional artist notes, as well as a 12“ print of the original artwork by Maria Kassab. Art direction and layout by Markus Scholz.

Key Facts
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  • – Performed, recorded, and mixed by Hélène Vogelsinger
  • – Mastered by Stefan Eichinger
  • – Art Direction & Layout by Markus Scholz
  • – Original Artwork by Maria Kassab