MDF03 – Desmond Denker

The Cologne resident and music producer Desmond Denker presents ten pieces on his current release on a tightrope between Electronica and Grime. Through the absence of vocals and beats he created an engaging atmosphere by pure synthesizer melodies on analogue and virtual instruments. The result goes far beyond Ambient and proves that the essence of his electronic music is fresh and vivid. After the vinyl album “Denking out the world” from 2010, various Maxis and compilation contributions, “MFD03” continues the research project “Cologne Electronic School in an UK Sound”. What has started as a producer of “Bambam Babylon Bajasch” and continued through the prestigious music project “The Nest”, bears fruit as a bridge between dance and spiritual music.

We conclude with this release our trilogy of white 10“ records. All covers are designed by the artist Ann Pajuvali and have been created manually by means of screen printing. The present release was supported by the Kulturamt of the City of Cologne on the basis of its singular concept and stands for a tradition of a regional approach to future-oriented electronic music.





  • Written & Produced: Desmond Denker
  • Design: Lukas Höh
  • Illustration: Ann Pajuväli
  • Mastering: Lopazz